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Our feedback shows that we give something truly special

We have an unrivalled reputation. More than 900 children have joined us since we opened in 2004, and 75% stay with us for more than two years.

Wonderful results

“Mya is getting the best start in life and making huge progress in school. Her grades have soared since attending the centre. Thank you”

Mrs Nixon, Parent

A massive improvement. Thank you”

Mrs Johnson, Parent

A huge thank you to you and all the staff at Oxford Education Centres who have tutored my three boys since arriving in Oxford 10 years ago. With your help they all did well in their GCSEs and A levels and now all three boys are at university, doing really well in their chosen subjects. They couldn’t have got there without you and your incredibly talented staff’s help. Please say a huge thank you to everyone. We are indebted to you all.”

Mrs Paraswathan, Parent

Joshua passed his GCSE Exam and is thrilled with his result. He could not have done this without your help. He was as you know in the bottom set and now is so happy to have passed. Thank you very much, I will be sending my youngest to you soon.”

Mr Singh, Parent

My daughter has been tutored by Sima for GCSE for about 6 months now and she is thoroughly enjoying her sessions. She is extremely patient and explains things properly and repeatedly until she understands. She has just received her GCSE mock results and has achieved a level 7 when her predicted grade was Level 4!”

Amanda Espley, Parent

Thank you so much. I am so grateful for all the hard work and effort you have put in. It has helped me so much and made a huge difference.”

Jessica, GCSE student

Thank you so much for all the support you have given David, his GCSE results in English and Maths are outstanding and it is all down to you!

C Turner, Parent

Beth’s confidence and belief in herself has grown tremendously and that has had a dramatic influence on her school work.

J Simpson, Parent

Turning learning into a pleasure

I used to hate maths before I came here, now I quite like it!”

Natalie, KS3 Student

Ronnie really likes Sally and it is helping him get to grips with the 3Rs. There’s an obvious change in his attitude to school work and his ability to remain focused on the work for longer.”

Lisa McIntyre, Parent

The explanations and patience shown has worked wonders. Rebecca always looks forward to attending and showing off her new skills. Many thanks!”

Jane Gaul, Parent

I am so grateful and delighted to you for all the help you have given Jessica. She has made huge progress and loves coming for her lessons.”

Ms Palmer, Parent

Tom feels wanted and important and interested in what he’s doing. If Tom feels that way, it makes me extremely happy.”

Jane Millar, Parent

Building your child’s confidence

Just walking through the door and seeing the change in Danny is amazing – he’s changed in just a few short weeks into a more confident child and loves coming to Oxford Education Centres. The teachers and all of the staff are very positive and encouraging.”

Anne Keown, Parent

Alyson did a brilliant job of building confidence for my daughter and her maths, she was very patient and understanding, we were so happy to have stumbled upon Oxford Education Centres and could see her confidence grow after each session. Thank you.”

Thomas B, Parent

Thank you so much for all your support and everything you have given Ellen over the year, which has made a huge difference to her confidence and ability in maths. I will definitely recommend highly the services of Oxford Education Centres to my friends, family and colleagues.”

Ms Lordon, Parent

My child attends Oxford Education Centres and I must say it is worth every penny, his self confidence has grown and the teaching is fantastic. A personal friendly service that beats Kumon hands down. No sitting around waiting for homework, our child works with a teacher for the whole session and homework is for home, more importantly I dont have to mark it!.”

Anita Ramsey, Parent

Oxford Education Centres has excellent facilities with a bright and welcoming atmosphere. Eleanor and I are both very pleased that she is getting the individual attention and help with the areas she finds difficult. This has really helped her self-confidence.”

Fiona Gay, Parent

Supporting your child towards their full potential

We’ll also make time to ask you about your aspirations for your child, and your areas of concern.

And then we’ll design an individual program specifically for your child’s needs as an individual. And work with you, to make the magic happen…

Oxford Education Centres works. Thomas has moved up a grade in a space of 2 months. This is not only a learning centre but he has developed within.”

Mr Miller, Parent

A great big thank you for supporting Samrat throughout the year. Proud to see his efforts in Young Writers. Once again, thank you.”

Mrs Gurung, Parent

Oxford Education Centres set out to create a relaxed environment where children love to learn. The lessons are fun, never dull, and everyone is on first name terms. Zain is completely calm and stress free when he leaves, unlike some school days.”

Shabana, Parent

Alyson, I would like to enrol my son Joshua after Easter. He is only in Year 1 but you made such an impact on my eldest boy (now 16) that I want to give him the same opportunities to shine.”

Mr Chitembwe, Parent

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