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Are learning centres just for struggling kids?

Often, the only time when parents tend to consider the option of extra tuition for their children is when they are obviously struggling at school. Maybe their grades have slipped in maths because they were at the dentist the day that long division was covered and they haven’t been able to get their head around the concept since. Or perhaps their spelling isn’t quite where it should be for their age. Tangible academic problems like these often act as the catalyst for parents to consider how they might help their children to do better at school.

However, children who seem to be doing OK, getting decent grades and not complaining about homework could sometimes still benefit from a bit of extra help. Tuition centres have a reputation of only existing to help struggling children or of being crammer schools to give an extra boost just before SATs. Whilst tuition centres clearly do offer these services, it is not widely known that they can also really help children who are cruising along at their own speed or even exceptionally bright children who may benefit from being challenged in different

Some parents shy away from the idea of ‘burdening’ their children with even
more schoolwork but tuition centres really aren’t like that. Parents often describe Oxford Education a tuition centre in Cowley, as being more of a learning club, where children have fun and learn at the same time. Extra tuition given in the right environment and in the appropriate manner doesn’t have to stress children out. On the contrary, it can really boost their self-confidence and really help them to find their voice and flourish at school.

These days, children often have social calendars that are busier than their parents. Dance class on Mondays, Football practice on Tuesdays etc. and there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the week to go to a tuition centre. But if the child’s experience at the centre is fun, it can be just the right kind of complement they need.


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