Equipping your child for life in the 21st Century

We work to transform your child’s academic performance – and also to equip them for their further education, their career, and their life in the world.

We make it a pleasure for your child to keep building up the qualities that universities and employers are looking for.

The rounded profile that universities want

Your child will learn more from us than just their academic subjects.  Throughout their studies, they’ll have fun doing things like:

  • Keyboard skills, all the way through to speed typing
  • Study skills, efficient revision methods, and exam technique
  • Problem solving & decision making skills
  • Reasoning & research skills
  • Everyday maths and personal finance skills like budgeting, bank fees, interest charges and APR
  • Shakespeare for kids, poetry slams & fun with drama
  • Debating skills, presenting skills, speaking with confidence
  • Everyday life skills, such as perseverance, resilience, confidence and cooperation

Fully supporting your child’s academic progress

Your child’s broader skills will grow seamlessly, alongside their subject expertise.  Study skills and life skills are integrated into their weekly lessons with us, and always with fun and a sense of exploration.

Which fully computer based learning could never match

Our life skills programme is one of so many things we do that show our commitment to the quality of your child’s learning.  Your child’s development with us will be in a completely different league, to the ‘tuition’ providers who just sit your child down in front of a computer screen.

We are deeply committed to giving your child something special.

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Starts Monday 4th September 2023

“Oxford Education Centres works. Thomas has moved up a grade in a space of 2 months. This is not only a learning centre but he has developed within.”
Mr Miller