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Are learning centres just for struggling kids?

Often, the only time when parents tend to consider the option of extra tuition for their children is when they are obviously struggling at school. Maybe their grades have slipped in maths because they were at the dentist the day that long division was covered and they haven’t been able to get their head around […]

Alarm Bells

Do you recognise any of the following signs in your child? Attitude towards school Do their eyes glaze over or do they seem to experience temporary memory loss when you ask them whatthey did at school? Do they complain that their teacher doesn’t like them? Do they get frustrated by difficult work, give up and […]

COVID-19 catch up classes

If you’ve been struggling to keep up with home-schooling, we’re here to support you. We’re running a series of catch-up classes for primary and secondary school children. Covering the following subjects: Maths English Science Our classes We offer small group sessions at our centre in Oxford (no more than 5 pupils to a class). And […]

Why send your child for after school tuition?

Do you remember the Bayeux Tapestry from your school days?  It’s heading back to the UK soon.  Maybe you could take your kids to see it! And really it’s quite often that something you learned about at school pops up in the news.  Are your children inspired by what they’re learning at school, and how […]