Our talented and fully qualified primary tutors can make all the difference for your child.
Is your child struggling?

At Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, new concepts like phonics or fractions, do not come easily to every child.  And many parents don’t feel like experts in helping their children with more complex areas such as text analysis and the finer details of spelling, punctuation and grammar, or algebraic fractions and problem-solving.

Some children seem to be doing OK, but may still be subtly falling behind, overall or in one area.

Or bored?

Are your child’s skills more advanced, so that they are starting to feel frustrated and disengaged?

Or you’re not sure?

A lot of parents tell us that they don’t feel clear how well their child is performing.  How are they doing compared to the other children?  Are they being encouraged to realise all of their potential?

With only one parent teacher meeting a year, it can be hard to gauge how your child is really doing, even at key times like the run up to SATS.

See your child bloom

With our primary tutors in Oxford, your child won’t just build their knowledge of their school subjects, they’ll also blossom in confidence and start to love learning.  Plus, we’ll gently boost their study skills and life skills.

And be clear about how they’re doing

Our unique free initial assessment will include really clear feedback on how your child is doing, and in any week you can always come in for a detailed discussion with your child’s tutor about their progress.

11 Plus & Common Entrance

And we can help your child show what they are truly capable of, with specific 11 Plus and Common Entrance tuition.  Your child will reap the benefit of our in depth understanding of the entrance requirements of all of our local schools.

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“Just walking through the door and seeing the change in Danny is amazing – he’s changed in just a few short weeks into a more confident child and loves coming to Oxford Education Centres.”
Anne Keown