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Tutoring by Teachers

Tuition by fully qualified teachers, uniquely in Oxford

Your child’s tutor at Oxford Education Centres will ALWAYS be a fully qualified, career teacher. This is unique in Oxfordshire.

Proper professional help for your child

Our tutors are all:

  • Fully qualified teachers
  • With years of teaching experience in Oxford, at both state and private schools
  • Graduates of Oxford, Cambridge, and other top notch universities
  • Specialists in the subject they are teaching

Your child is in safe hands

Only the very best teachers make it into our team, and we teach because we love helping children.

I love watching children grow and develop.  I get such a buzz from being able to help in that process.”

“There is always something you can find in a child that endears them and makes you want to help them progress.  However naughty, or cheeky, or sullen, or uncooperative they might seem at first, every child is rich with the potential to blossom, grow and flourish.  They just need the right support and encouragement.”

“Nothing gives me greater joy than escaping to another world in the comfort of my own home.  Reading and words have the power to change a person.  I hope to encourage young adults to find themselves in the pages of a book.  To feel like they are not alone.  To feel like they have value in the world.”

“I really enjoy helping students develop their abilities and confidence. I really believe in life-long learning and I am always trying to improve and enhance the way I teach.

About Alyson

Alyson Smith founded Oxford Education Centres in 2004, and she has created something truly special.  She has over 30 years experience in education, and is on a mission to make learning wonderful for every child.  Helping your child be the very best they can possibly be.

Every child deserves access to elite learning environment, staffed by passionate and exceptional teachers.”

Alyson Smith

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