Are you looking for after school tuition in Oxford?

Our fully-qualified teachers are wholeheartedly committed to helping your child:

  • Achieve academic excellence and improve their grades
  • Grow their confidence and self esteem
  • Really enjoy studying, and become a fearless learner
  • Raise their aspirations, find inner motivation, and kindle curiosity
  • Start to build the rounded profile that schools and universities are looking for
  • And generally be their very best self
Life skills

How do we do this?

  • We treat your child absolutely as an individual
  • Stretching them hard, setting ambitious goals, and supporting them fiercely
  • Using only fully qualified specialist teachers (uniquely in Oxfordshire)
  • Giving you clear feedback on your child’s progress from the start
  • In a positive, supportive atmosphere
  • Using a good knowledge of local school entrance exams
  • Starting with a free assessment

Week after week, children can’t wait to come back to see us. And when their parents see how quickly they are improving, they can’t wait to bring them along!

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New Term

Starts Monday 4th September 2023

“Just walking through the door and seeing the change in Danny is amazing – he’s changed in just a few short weeks into a more confident child and loves coming to Oxford Education Centres.”
Anne Keown