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Inspiring your child to read for pleasure

GCSE English Tutors In Oxford

Is your child thriving at school?

At Oxford Education Centres, we know that secondary school can bring new challenges for many children. Big classes, where teachers move through each subject at a fixed pace, aren’t suitable for everyone and often children don’t feel confident enough to ask for extra help if they need it.

That’s where we come in. Oxford Education Centres offer bespoke after-school English tuition, taught by fully-qualified teachers, for pupils aged 11-16 at prices that are affordable for every family.

We identify gaps in your child’s English education and provide personalised lesson plans to address any issues.

How are we different to other after-school English tutors in Oxford?

What sets us apart from other English tutors in Oxford and online education providers is that all our lessons are taught by fully-qualified teachers from local Oxford schools.

Our expert English tutors understand exactly how the secondary school English curriculum works and have worked with children from all backgrounds with many different abilities and learning styles. Their specialist experience and qualifications mean they can help your child improve their English grades quickly but in a fun and enjoyable way.

How can our English tutors help your child?

Our English tutors in Oxford can help your child with everything from basic skills in reading, handwriting, grammar and spelling, through to more advanced literacy tools such as analysis of texts, use of language, reading and writing for different purposes, GCSE preparation and any other curriculum requirements.

We also understand that not every child thrives in a busy classroom environment which is why we ensure that your child will always be:

  • Tutored individually within a small group, giving your child the time and freedom they need to ask questions and thoroughly understand a topic
  • Taught by the same teacher each week in the learning style that works best for them
  • Given feedback and support every step of the way

Our English tutors also help with life skills as well as book learning by connecting their studies with current affairs and helping them build a rounded profile that universities are looking for.

How do our Oxford English tutors know which area of the English curriculum your child needs most help with?

Before we get started in the classroom, we conduct a Free National Assessment for your child that identifies the subject matter, skill area and curriculum sectors that we should focus on. In addition, this detailed assessment provides evidence of the learning style that works best for your child. This means our expert English teachers can quickly build your child’s confidence by teaching them in the most effective way.

To book a free assessment for your child, please call us on 01865 40295 or send us an email at

We’ll help your child love learning

With our fun and engaging lesson plans and introduction of a wide-range of reading materials,, we’ll help your child enjoy learning English. We strongly believe in the power of books and encourage every child to read for pleasure to expand their imagination and enhance their curiosity.

What do current students at Oxford Education Centres think about our English tuition?

Our students and their parents are regularly delighted with the noticeable improvement they see in their studies and grades. Not to mention the confidence-boost they feel and their newfound joy in learning. You can read our testimonials here.

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