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Alarm Bells

Do you recognise any of the following signs in your child?

Attitude towards school

  • Do their eyes glaze over or do they seem to experience temporary memory loss when you ask them what
    they did at school?
  • Do they complain that their teacher doesn’t like them?
  • Do they get frustrated by difficult work, give up and go and watch TV?


  • Are they scared to try in case they make a mistake?
  • Do they get deflated and down at heart when they find work too difficult?
  • Do they struggle with homework but would rather suffer alone than accept your help?
  • Do they think that they just “aren’t any good” at schoolwork?


  • Do they regularly have to be dragged kicking and screaming from football/Playstation/favourite TV
    programme to do their homework?
  • Do they whizz through homework at lightning speed only to find they have made lots of mistakes and haven’t
    actually completed the task?
  • Do they spend hours on work and never think that it’s good enough to hand in?
  • Do you find them staring into space or worse still asleep instead of doing their homework?

Reading skills

  • Do they confuse sounds and letters?
  • Do they find it difficult to understand written instructions?
  • Do they dislike reading aloud?
  • Do they skip words or add in words that aren’t there?


  • Do they avoid using numbers or doing sums wherever possible?
  • Do they have trouble remembering mathematical rules or formulae?
  • Do they find it difficult to understand mathematical concepts?

Study skills

  • Do they organise their work ineffectively?
  • Do they have difficulty remembering facts, dates?
  • Do they spend excessive time on homework?
  • Do they revise in a disorganised way?
  • Do they find it hard taking notes?
  • Do they seem to struggle to write down homework assignments correctly or at all?

If any of these points sound familiar, pop in to Oxford Education Centre in Cowley and find out if we can help. For a free assessment worth £100, call Alyson Smith today on 01865 402950.


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