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Tell all your friends about the great progress your child is making with us, and to say thank you, for a limited time, we may be able to give you:

  • Up to £10 per month off your child’s tuition
  • £60 worth of extra lessons for free

Save on your child’s tuition

Give yourselves a little treat with the extra money, every month for a year:

  • If your child is coming to us for tuition
  • And a child from a new family starts with us
  • And their parents tell us that it was you who recommended us
  • We’ll give you £2 per week off your child’s tuition
  • For a whole year!
  • (Or until the new child stops having tuition, if that is sooner)

Boost your child’s learning for free

If you’re already making those savings, keep going, and you can get extra free lessons for your child:

  • If your child is still coming to us for tuition
  • And another child, from another new family, also starts with us
  • They complete 12 lessons with us
  • And their parents tell us that it was you who recommended us
  • We’ll give your child two free lessons, worth £60

Ready to start saving?

Start telling all your friends now, about the results you are seeing from your child’s tuition.

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Key Dates

Autumn Term

03/09/2018  to  22/12/2018

Half Term

22/10/2018 to  27/10/2018

Spring Term

07/01/ 2019  to 06/04/2019

Half Term

18/02 /2019 to 22/02/2019

Summer Term

23/04 /2019 to 27/07/2019

“Thank you so much for all your support and everything you have given Ellen over the year, which has made a huge difference to her confidence and ability in maths. I will definitely recommend highly the services Of Oxford Education Centres to my friends, family and colleagues.”
Ms Lordon