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Inspiring your child to read for pleasure

Is your child thriving at school?

Secondary school, and each passing year, brings striking new challenges, and can be a tough experience for many children.  If your child didn’t grasp something earlier, they may have trouble moving forward with their studies and could really benefit from some additional after school GCSE English tuition.  Big classes, moving through each subject at a fixed pace, don’t meet every child’s needs perfectly especially when it comes to GCSE English.

In a busy classroom, any gaps may not be identified, and your child may not have the confidence to ask for the help they need with their English studies.

Do they love to study?

They should and they can!  We like to work on the assumption that every child can learn anything, and that every child should have the chance to start reading for pleasure.

Are they getting the support they need?

At GCSE level, under pressure to perform, your child may shy away from your help, and also not feel brave enough to ask for help at school.

Giving your child exactly the right help with English

Our English tutors in Oxford can help them with everything from basic skills in reading, handwriting, grammar and spelling, through to more advanced literacy tools such as analysis of texts, use of language, reading and writing for different purposes, GCSE preparation, and all other curriculum requirements from our tuition centre here in Oxford.

And see your child flourish

Our students and their parents are regularly delighted with the striking improvement in their GCSE English studies, as well as in their confidence and their joy in learning.

With life skills as well as book learning

Along the way, we will also coach your child in a range of study skills and life skills.  We bring their studies to life by connecting them to current affairs, and help them build the rounded profile that universities are looking for.

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Key Dates

Autumn Term

03/09/2018  to  22/12/2018

Half Term

22/10/2018 to  27/10/2018

Spring Term

07/01/ 2019  to 06/04/2019

Half Term

18/02 /2019 to 22/02/2019

Summer Term

23/04 /2019 to 27/07/2019

“A great big thank you for supporting Samrat throughout the year. Proud to see his efforts in Young Writers. Once again, thank you.”
Mrs Gurung