Feeding your child’s curiosity about the world

Does science light up your child’s eyes?

We start from the belief that every child can love learning about anything, given the right support.

And, of all subjects, science is going to help prepare them for the future, in a rapidly changing world.  Our science tutors in Oxford will inspire your child to explore and investigate the world, and understand how it ticks.

Is your child struggling, coasting, or thriving?

Secondary school is a demanding time for your child.  Shyness, lack of confidence, or an academic stumble because of something they missed earlier, can all hit their progress as well as their enjoyment and performance at school.  As a parent, figuring out what’s going on, and how to help, can be a challenge.

Our friendly, expert help, can make all a world of difference to your child.

Making science fascinating for your child

We can help your child with any area of the science curriculum they are struggling with.  We’ll guide your child in researching and discussing scientific issues.  We’ll encourage them to challenge and critique their own work, developing their scientific literacy skills, across the whole curriculum through to GCSEs.

And helping every child truly thrive

Our students look forward to coming to us each week, and our parents look forward to bringing them.  Their feedback is a pleasure to read.

Boosting all of their skills

Developing an enquiring mind, problem solving and decision making skills, will help your child stand out for universities and employers.  As well as helping your child with science topics, we’ll promote their life and study skills, such as exam techniques or reasoning skills, and show them how science impacts on their lives both now and in the future.

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Key Dates

Summer term

16/4/2018  to  26 /7/ 2018

Half Term

28/5/2018 to  3/6/2018

Autumn Term

3/9/ 2018  to 22/12/2018

Half Term

21/10 /2018 to 28/10/2018

“Oxford Education Centres has excellent facilities with a bright and welcoming atmosphere. Eleanor and I are both very pleased that she is getting the individual attention and help with the areas she finds difficult. This has really helped her self-confidence.”
Fiona Gay